Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Get Physical

True story. About five years ago I had a tragic step accident at the 24 Hour Fitness Gym in Santa Monica. In an early morning fog, I twisted my ankle on the step, rolled onto the floor into the window and not only did the entire class stop, but I made eye contact with a homeless man outside who was laughing hysterically. I continued the rest of the class in agony along with a bruised ego. I vowed to never take a step class again.

Being in a land of white bread, starchy foods, meats and fried food, I've been hoping to not gain a lot of lbs. On the other hand, mi mama de Chile goes to the gym everyday. She's probably in her 60s/early 70s and can run circles around me. She's so sweet but we're still working on the language barrier and often have moments of staring at each other not knowing what the other one is saying. When she invited me to go with her to the gym tonight, I knew it was time to come out of retirement.

It was a loft-like gym and the room for classes was really just an area right in the middle of the weights for all to see. Mi mamma de Chile literally new every person there and I knew the pressure was on. Typical of the kind people of Chile, I was greeted with hugs, side kisses and conversations I couldn't understand but nodded to.

The class was really fun.  Our instructor, wearing a sweat band and tight shorts, blasted hits from Madonna and Britney Spears. I had a few shaky moments where I felt my wooden step sliding but I made it through. I knew I couldn't embarrass mamma de Chile and did my best to stay steady. It was basically a normal step class, but had more "spice" with lots of spins and shakes. It was one of those moments where you think, am I really doing this right now? - And I enjoyed the randomness of it all.


  1. Hilarious, Jen! I love how much tension you worked into this story... and I like the homeless man laughing at you. ;)

  2. OMG - I can't believe you never told me this story!!! And now, I can't get the image of the homeless guy laughing hysterically out of my head... thanks for the laugh - I really needed it this week. Miss you mucho, mucho, mucho!!! xoxo