Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anniversario! Eh eh eh!

Dios mio!  Where has the time gone amigos?!  At this time last year it was my first official day having arrived in Chile for my six month adventure.  My nerves were unreal but I quickly bonded with an amazing group of individuals with like minded spirits who set off on the same adventure as me.  This adventure proved to be the best decision I ever made and Chile will always be a huge part of who I am.  The amazing people I met, my special students, the adventures I had, the family that took me in and made me feel welcome into their lives all have such a special place en mi corazon.  So as a celebration of my anniversary and missing my home away from home, I wanted to post some of my favorite photos and memories from Chile and Argentina (a few photo creds to some fellow vols).  Viva Chile!!

Street Dogs in Coats

Bicentennial Celebration at my school

Fireworks for Bicentennial

Boat trip with one of my classes

Mil Tambores Festival in Valpo

Just another incredible mural in Valpo

Visit to the Capsule that Saved the 33 miners with some of my students

Memorial in Santiago for all the missing people during Chile's dictatorship

My first hostel when I arrived otherwise known as Club Ice Box.  Notice our full winter wear sleep attire.  No central heating = friooooo

Martina's just one of the girls 
This is the first time we were reunited after our placements.  Our excitement seemed to overcome oncoming traffic.

Chorillana - A french fry carrete
Dune Surfing in ConCon
At my fave Vina night club.  Homer did not speak a lick of English but as you can see he's speaking the language of love and I am not having it
Weekend Getaway in Montecillo

Mendoza post paragliding off the mountain, local kids surrounded us with curiosity of the gringas

Graffiti Hunting in Valpo - 80s Music Video?
My host family striking a pose
Sunset in Zapallar

Perito Moreno National Glacier in Argentina (and some Whiskey on the Glacier Rocks)
Canyoning in Puerto Varras and repelling down a 100 foot waterfall!
Torres Del Paine - the most beautiful place on earth