Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caio Santiago

I'm officially done with my teaching training in Santiago (two weeks with WorldTeach and one week with Chile's Ministry of Education).  I'm excited to get settled into my new community and classroom but also a tad nervous for the unknowns of teaching. 

I happen to be one of the lucky ones that has no idea where I'm being placed.  I'm leaving on a bus to Vina Del Mar tomorrow morning (fancy schmancy tourist destination) and have been reassured that I'll find out more once I arrive there as far as my teaching city, host family, etc.  What I do know is that I'll be somewhere in 5th region, Valparaiso.  Please send good thoughts that I get an awesome placement/family/school. 

So as I wrap up my last night in Santiago (which I plan on visiting for weekend trips), here are a few highlights from this week:

- Seeing Toy Story III en Espanol at a movie theatre.  I must admit, I fell asleep for a good 20 minutes, since I probably only understood 65 percent of it.

- Hiking Cerro San Cristobal at sunset.  Walking down the dirt trail in pitch black was totally worth catching the bright orange skyline.  B-eautiful!  Check it out!
Cerro San Cristobal at Sunset

- Salsa Dance Lessons.  Because there were not enough men there, the dance instructor made me dance as a man/lead. At one point she turned me and literally said, "Are you a man?" in broken English.  I pretty much salsa danced with every woman in the room.  Needless to say, this is not what I had in mind when I imagined my first time salsa dancing.  Perhaps I'll try again but obviously demand to be the spinnee not the spinner.  What the hay, man?

- Being told I looked like Suzanne Somers and Hilary Clinton at a dance club in Bellevista.  I don't even know where to go with that one.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard...
My Celeb Doppleganger?

- Visiting the Museo de la Moda (Fashion Museum).  The exhibit was Volver A Los 80s and paid homage to shoulder pads, Swatch Watches and neon attire.  It was such a radical exhibit and one of the funnest museums I've been to.  While cruising through the bright hallways adorned with magazine covers and listening to 80s music, you could gander at la ropa from major 80s icons including Madonna (the pointy bra top from Vogue!), Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Joan Collins, Boy George and Princess Diana.  They even had an entire wall of old school cassette tapes. 
Museo De La Moda

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