Friday, December 24, 2010

I will have the Red Curry...Gracias!

Merry Christmas Eve!  I've been back a few days and I'm slowly but surely adjusting to not being in South America.  I'm trying to switch my brain back to English.  I've had a few slip ups with flight attendants and restaurant servers where I've said something in Spanish and I just get a blank stare - like what is wrong with that girl?  The time difference hasn't been so bad (5 hours!) but I'm mostly worried I'll begin to forget my day to day life in Chile. I do feel refreshed being back, positive and most importantly relaxed.

I'm still planning on writing a post on my last week in South America including Buenos Aires (and my Antique store debacle) and my sweet, last few days in Valparaiso.  In the mean time, I'm excited to share an article I had published on a women's travel Web site, Pink Pangea.  I've written articles for clients before but I'm thrilled and nervous that it is all about moi!  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone: Canyoning in Chile

Here are a few photos from our waterfall adventures!

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  1. You are awsome! You do things that most of us would only dream to do. Living vicariously is splendid......