Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I Love My Students

Sum-sum-sum-summa-time (thank you for the song, Will Smith) is in the air down here.  I feel the restless energy building in my students as the carefree days of vacation can't come soon enough.  I on the other hand, have turned into a sentimental sap in my older years.

I have less than two weeks left with my high school and my heart drops when I think about leaving my alumnos.  They are the funniest kids - although often inappropriate - I have ever met.  Everyday they are shouting out "hello" and "How are you?" from the halls, windows and down the street.  A daughter of one of the teachers told me yesterday that my school is extremely territorial and if they decide they like someone, they look after them.  I keep thinking about that thought and I just can't say how proud I am of my rowdy, smart, incredible students.  Here are some scattered memories from that last few weeks that make me smile - 
  • Regalos Para Mi:  I am now sporting my embroidered "Jennifer" bracelet that some of my freshman girls gave me (the school is about 90 percent males). They also asked to take a photo with me and later handed me a printed copy.  They run into my classroom everyday and like to walk through the center of school with linked arms.  They are the sweetest girls...
  • Mod Squad:  This week some of my boys told me that they did not like my hot pink nail polish, Mod Squad, because it looked like Maestra Barbie and black would look much better.  
  • Sweep the Leg:  Some of my favorite students flagged me down.  They had competed in a Tae Kwon Do competition and brought the medals to school to show me.
  • Jersey Shore, corrupting kids and teaching English worldwide:  I had an extensive conversation about Jersey Shore (in English, yeah) and how Snookie, despite being Chilena, is NOT good looking or classy.  
  • Miss Anime:  I was given an anime drawing of myself - which I must admit, I've never looked better.  I'm wearing a fur coat and mini skirt.
  • John Travolta:  One boy, Jonathon, signed his name, Jonathon Travolta on a poster we created.
  • Chewy Calls:  I had to tell one of my classes, "Wookies, stop the Chewbacca calls."  Seriously, could I have more perfect students for me?  Little do they know my love for Chewy calls.
  • Musical Mosh Pit:  My recent musical chairs game turned into musical mosh pit - complete chaos.  They were participating so well umm, I let them play some death metal and just tried to embrace the chaos.  
  • Little Romeos:  I recently went on two field trips and both times the boys scaled down hills to pick me flowers.  

These are just a few things that have made me LOVE my school and students.  They are special kids and as I mentioned to some, I sometimes wonder if I have learned more from them than vice versa.  So on that note, here is a little musical enjoyment for your day courtesy of Journey and my very hilarious English workshop:

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